Here’s my sitch

So here’s my sitch…

I’m 38, aging, have way to many things on my plate, I’m self conscious about my weight, blah blah blah, but I still want to have a beautiful life. I think we all do.

Things I can’t control: overnight beanpole status, supernatural healing for my son or the ability to click my heels and change my surroundings. It stinks but it’s true. Good for me though, I do have a power. My hands. Now don’t get me wrong, they are man hands at best however I can transform myself with them. Bust out the tweezers, glycolic and my microderm machine and voila! Instant facelift and gorgeous skin. Unwanted chin hairs?? Forget about it. See ya next week. (You’d think I watered them….sheesh,) My hair is grey? Pssshhhtttt….One of my fabulous girls hooks me up with a color, cut and style. BAM! Instant mood lifter!! Said man hands….duh? Shellac.
My point is…you CAN change a few small things and we are here to help you with that change. My girls and I get it and we will do our very best to make your beauty goals a reality and by doing so help you achieve a beautiful life. Our only request is you show yourself off after you come in. Go out dancing, have a hot date or strut your stuff at Utica Square. Get out there and rock your beauty and encourage others to have a beautiful life no matter life has thrown at you.
Love! Love!


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